Fuck Everything

by I'm ok.

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Recorded 2012 by Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak at The Handsome Woman in Willimantic, CT

Cover photo by Lukas Hodge

Brett Reynolds - Guitar / Vocals
Jordan "J Nasty / Jumange" Chmielowski - Guitar / Vocals
Joshua Cyr - Bass / Vocals
Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak - Drums

Tapes available from Broken World Media


released August 3, 2012



all rights reserved


I'm ok. Windham, Connecticut

Emo/Punk from Willimantic CT

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Track Name: I'm Going to Quit Big Y
if this is a waste of my time then i want to waste it
what's the point in moving forward if i can't look back
yeah shit's crazy, yeah shit's rough
at least it's something
gotta hold on

we stare at sunsets just to keep our eyes off all the bullshit we're surrounded by

eat shit and die
Track Name: Sounds Like Broken Action Figures
i'm gonna sew my mouth shut. when i open it accidents come out
always preventing me from reaching my destination
my life's already so hard why would i make it harder
my problems are my problems, why make them anyone else's

everything i do, everything i say, i will find a way

these days i fear reflection. i know i'll just feel more loss
and dear god that scares me, just like the doubt in your eyes

i'm gonna look out the window, smile at the places i drive by
i'm gonna think about you and tell myself that i'm fine
Track Name: Twinkle Twinkle Death Star
i'm getting tired of lying alone in my bed
and wondering why i'm alone in my bed
and i know that it's cliche but i couldn't give a fuck
about anything that isn't me

but what did you expect me to do?

is the world this fucked up? or am i just fucked up
questions with answers that i don't wanna know
thank god for all of my friends, i'd fucking die without them
turn my back walk off the edge

i can't breathe, your mouth is open
i can't breathe, your lips are shaking
i can't breathe, your mouth is open
i can't breathe, you don't deserve this

i won't see the end of this